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hookMechanical and structural members are designed to resist loads or forces. Each material has a unique relationship between stress and strain. Material behavior, or solid mechanics involving stress or failure due to overload is a typical assignment.
bicyclePosition, velocity, acceleration and time are related mathematically, and are used to describe motion. In the analysis of collisions, trajectories, impact, or mechanical vibrations, whether machinery mechanisms, car, bikes or hockey pucks, they are all analyzed by the same analytical methods.
valvePressure can exist due to hydraulic and pnuematic conditions, and can be used to transmit energy, amplify forces and control processes. Pressure is often contained and manipulated in piping systems and vessels by valves, regulators and other mechanical fixtures. We are familiar with the analysis of piping systems.
machineryCombustion processes are used to create mechanical energy and heat materials, and produce chemical and physical changes. Combustion processes power our vehicles, warm our environments and process our foods. The compression ratio, fuel/air ratio and heat significantly change the performance of these machines and processes.
gearsPower transmission systems move energy of motion from one location to another to perform a function. Links, slides, gears, chains, cams and pulleys are examples of mechanical components that transmit mechanical motion. In vehicles, transmissions change speed for smooth and efficient propulsion. Capabilities include designing machines and assessing the safety of the machine.